The wholemeal semolina pasta is obtained through a mixture of wholemeal semolina and water.
In wholemeal semolina, all the components of the grain, bran, endosperm, deprived only of the soft part of the flour, and germ, are preserved, so the nutritional properties are also high.
Wholemeal pasta is useful when you decide you want to lose weight for a slower process of carbohydrate absorption and because it gives a greater sense of satiety. It is considered healthier than the white one because the lipid content is lower but also because there are a lot of plant proteins and fibers. The latter bring a great benefit to the intestine because they counteract constipation. Furthermore, wholemeal pasta provides the right amount of vitamins and mineral salts. The low glycemic index causes the energy of carbohydrates to be released gradually into the blood and this avoids insulin spikes which are harmful for those suffering from diabetes and beyond. Also important is vitamin E, an antioxidant and anti-aging, which is good for bones and heart.
The organic Spigabruna wholemeal pasta has no strawy flavor, it keeps cooking well, with a tastier wheat taste.