Stefano Mazzone – Executive Chef Grand Hotel Qvisisana from Capri
“Pasta represents the Italian culinary tradition at its best, producing it with science and conscience is an obligation still little felt in the Italian industry, that’s why we chose Spigabruna bio pasta, produced in an unaltered territory, with care and attention by a small and intelligent team animated by an authentic passion. Spigabruna bio Is immersed in an agricultural and family-run artisan reality, a combination that identifies what we consider the best of Italy that we would always like to represent.

The result is a pasta that is almost never “perfect” or identical over time, therefore real, good and above all healthy, all this represents its greatest inimitable peculiarity, the exact photograph of the paradise in which Senatore Cappelli Italian grain grows and Is transformed with great ability in the product that I selfishly would like to have just for me as we would like everything we offer at the Grand Hotel Qvisisana, a style that is never perfect but never imitable! “

prof. Salvatore Matarese – Specialist in Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases, from Neaples
The pasta of the organic Spigabruna bio company, obtained from ancient durum wheat semolina “Senatore Cappelli”, and from ancient dicoccum spelled, grown on its own, with organic method, represents a product that does not cause disturbances to the digestive system as it has no undergone genetic modifications or crosses. The wheat is cultivated without pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers, it undergoes a low extraction grinding and it is dried at low temperature. Moreover, it preserves the wheat germ, the most nutritious part of the grain.

I have not found these features in other products available in the market.

Last but not least, I wish to underline the love with which this artisan pasta is produced, which makes it a true, excellent and irreplaceable food”.