Korasan comes from Asia Minor and in particular from the Region of
Khorasan in Afghanistan, ancient and resistant,it does not fear drought or
bad weather but has a very low yield. It is distinguished by its very high
spike, up to m.2, and for the elongated grains. In Italy it is known as the
ancient italian yellow Saragolla. Not to be confused with kamut which is
an american factory that used khorasan wheat.
It is considered a highly digestible grain due to a low gluten index which is
also not very tenacious, a characteristic it shares with all ancient grains.
It has many beneficial properties : antioxidant, rich in vitamin E, vitamin
B, low glycemic index… Furthermore, what makes khorasan wheat unique
is its aromatic flavor with a sweet aftertaste.
Our penne, mezze maniche and linguine with khorasan semolina are
delicious and very light.

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