Informative under art. 8 Legislative Decree 196/2003
As foreseen by Legislative Decree 196/2003, , (from now onwards named “Holder’), as his pro-tempore representative about this matter, herewith informs you that: Legislative Decree n. 196 30 June 2003 “Code in matter of protection of personal data”, regulates the terms of collecting, holding, preserving, communicating and/or diffusing personal data, specifying rights and responsibilities of the interested ones. Consent of personal data by the Holder respects current rules. Kind of users: relating to the use of the website and its publications (newsletters, e-mails, faxes, sms etc.), there are two kind of users : (i) companies (i.e. real estate agencies); (ii) privates. In the public section of the user portal, whoever they are, they enter in anonymous form (i.e. search of buildings). As to facilities, companies enter a facility after submitting their personal data. Privates can enter some facilities in anonymous form (i.e. asking of detailed information about buildings). As to other facilities (i.e. publication of advertisements) it is necessary to register ones own personal details as a holder or an agent of the data to publish.

Collecting of the data
Data of private users are collected by the Holder only by drawing up some forms submitted on-line on the website or off-line with paper and/or electronic forms. Forms are different one from the other depending on the kind of facility. The Holder collects the companies data both on the website and through direct contact and the drawing of contracts.

Aims of the consent
A) Data of private users are collected by the Holder in order to:
– provide a customized service and to allow the publication of real estate advertisements.
B) Data of companies are collected by the Holder in order to:
– establish and manage administrative and business relationships with the Holder
– fulfil law obligations related to the contractual obligation
– publish their business offer and make available on-line (web) and off-line (magazines, brochures, newsletters etc.) their personal data to improve contacts with possible customers
C) Data of private users and companies can be also held in order to:
– convey commercial information, promotions and marketing relating to products and facilities offered by and/or by third parties to their customers.

Conferring of data
Conferring data is optional, but refusing this option implies the impossibility by the Holder to follow up requests and facilities.

Modality of the treatment
Holder treats data within the law and contractual obligations. Registration and processing of the data is in paper, informatically and telematically, following the submentioned logics, assuring the security and and privacy of data. Holder treats and processes personal data in the pertinent data banks (customers, providers, administration, advertisements etc.) both directly and by the means of consultants and providers of the relating areas, who will act as officers, belonging or not to the structure of the Holder, or as appointees.

Field of communication and diffusion of the data
Personal data provided by users can be communicated and employed for the submentioned aims to third parties who will act as people in charge, appointees or autonomous holders.

Length of the treatment
Treatment of personal data lasts until it is necessary for the collecting or the storage of search criteria, notification, publication of advertisements and contacts of agencies. Therefore, treatment will last till the interested one won’t delete his data by communicating it to the Holder.

Article 7 of the submentioned decree allows the interested one to exert specific rights. In particular he can obtain the confirmation about the existence of his personal data, even if he is not yet registered, and that his data are provided in an intelligible form. He can also ask to know the origin of data, the logic, aims and modalities of the treatment as well as the identification details of the Holder, the person in charge, the representative in the territory of the state and of the subjects/categories to whom data can be communicated or conveyed as representatives appointed by the state, people in charge or appointees. He can obtain deletion, transformation in anonymous form or the blocking of data because of violation of law as well as the updating, rectification or, if interested, the integration of data; he can also obtain that the submentioned operations are conveyed by communicating the data; he can oppose, because of legitimate reasons, to the treatment itself.

Holder of the treatment
The concerned one can also apply to the Holder anytime, referring to this address:

brand of


– Know the updated list of people in charge;
– Obtain clarity about the operations described;
– Exert rights as to article 7 of Legislative Decree n. 196/2003

This policy does not exclude that further information can be given orally during different collections of data. INFORMATIVA PRIVACY GDPR e USO COOKIE